Vierra Mae Reid

I’m a 29-year-old north Idahomie at heart living in the northend of Boise. After spending half of my undergrad studying pre-med, I realized that I only wanted to become a pediatrician so that I could hold all the babies – touché. As I soul-searched my way through majors, I always circled back to the same scenario; I would see something and immediately know in my bones how it could function better.

Fast-forward to landing my dream job with Proof Eyewear where I managed all things marketing + public relations. After three years of wearing every hat imaginable, I became well-versed in the outdoor industry, the ins-and-outs of a start-up, and the entire Adobe suite. Every dream opportunity that could’ve come my way, did. From meeting with media in LA & NYC to volunteering in El Salvador & the Philippines – I squeezed the juice out of every moment.

For the two years following, I dove headfirst into the freelance world so that I could travel to non-profits around the globe and donate my services: design, marketing, videography and let’s be honest here baby holding.

In September 2018, I started a full-time position with Art of Visuals managing brand partnerships for the creative agency. Although my time is limited, I will still occasionally pick up freelance projects for weddings and obviously birth stories.

What I Do







Public Relations


Web Development


Guacamole Making


Life has a tendency to leave me breathless, always craving a little bit more.

I started making ‘rough cuts’ a few years ago, and it’s been my absolute favorite way to reflect on 365 days. It’s not cinematic by any means — it’s part blooper reel, part diary, but mostly just me laughing.

2020: The Rough Cut

2019: The Rough Cut

2018: The Rough Cut

2017: The Rough Cut

2016: The Rough Cut