just a little heads up..

I’ve taken a hiatus from all personal freelance work to invest my time with Art of Visuals, Foster + Heart and Capital Church. Your story still is so important to me; I’m happy to send over any recommendations you may need for a videographer!


I love her and that’s the beginning

and the end of everything.


A little bit of heaven

sent down to earth.


Marketing is no longer about

the stuff that you make,

but about the stories you tell.


I bought my first video camera when I was 8 years old from Walmart. It was a bulky JVC set-up for $120, but it was everything I could’ve hoped for. I remember taking it with me everywhere to document everything. I forced my cousins to be the news anchors for the ‘Flat Creek News Station’ telling stories of the latest moose to get stuck in our pond.


Fast-forward to high school when I bought my Sony Handycam. I documented it all – from homecoming shenanigans to library pranks. When our class graduated, everyone got a compilation of videos on a DVD entitled ‘The Best Years’ – little did I know life only gets better.


In college, I took every video class offered and graduated with the sad mindset I like to call ‘I will never be able to make a living creating meaningful videos.’ After landing my dream job, my love for video crept in for minor projects here and there. I asked to film my first wedding in 2015, and the rest is history.


I left my dream job to pursue video fulltime, and I’ve been working my tail off ever since. I’ve been blessed with opportunities to travel within the US and around the globe documenting non-profits, corporations, and some of the most precious moments in life.


I teamed up with my incredibly talented friends to start a creative agency that specializes in marketing, distribution, branding concepts, public relations campaigns, photography, and what do ya know… videography.